Stefan Kozak, the Head of the public organisation “Sknyla Tragedy” (Lviv) reports that 60 victims of Sknyla airport tragedy have declared to the European Court of Human Rights.

The action has been already delivered to Strasburg. The procedure of registration is to be completed in few days.

The plaintiffs demand Ukraine to apologise, to dismiss the military officials who were guilty for the tragedy killed 78 people and to increase the moral payments.

The organisation plans to hold round-table discussions and press conferences in the different European countries for purpose to inform the international community about violations of human rights existing in Ukraine, Stefan Kozak revealed. The actions will be held under support of the human rights organisations of Austria, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and other countries.

As a reminder, Ukraine's General Prosecutor said 12 people had been charged with negligence in connection with 2002 air show disaster which killed 77 people in Sknyla.


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