Worried about dramatically rising energy prices, Victor Yushchenko is determined to cooperate with the Verkhovna Rada and the cabinet of ministers to promote greater energy security, President's press office reported.

“The President’s position is as follows: it is obvious that energy prices will be growing, but it is important to raise them gradually and work out wise mechanisms to support the poor. The government and local officials must minimize the impact of rising prices for the poorest citizens,”  Iryna Gerashchenko, Victor Yushchenko’s press secretary, quoted the President.

The Head of State is, however, convinced the government will make a mistake if it tries to regulate the prices.  

The press secretary said her boss would closely oversee the formation of a 2007 budget, which should be aimed at finding economic and social compromises.

“The President personally controls the energy security issue. He will, first of all, make sure there is no energy deficit. This topic will be discussed during his visits and international contacts. The second thing he considers is the social factor. The President is determined to cooperate with both the government and parliament in this area to resolve the problem of Ukraine’s energy security,” she said.

Gerashchenko added that Victor Yushchenko had spared no effort to stabilize energy prices but “had to face politically motivated accusations, which were caused by the election campaign.” 


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