The President of Ukraine intends to meet PM Yanukovich and Speaker Moroz for purpose to discuss the further cooperation between different branches of the power. It was revealed by the Head of the President’s Secretariat Oleh Rybachuk in the 1+1 Channel live broadcasting on Sunday.

Rybachuk characterized the last week misunderstandings related to the President’s influence on the Cabinet as “a mere bridging between the President and the Cabinet.”

“After the PM’s vacation, President Yushchenko, PM Yanukovich and Speaker Moroz will hold a meeting to discuss the cooperation issues. These people really demonstrate the cooperation spirit,” summed up the Head of the President’s Secretariat.

According to his truly belief, “the country studies to live in accordance with the new rules.”

In conclusion Rybachuk informed about the coming President’s decrees on “main designations in the President’s Secretariat and NSDCU.”


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