Russia’s Ambassador to Ukraine Victor Chernomyrdin considers that Russia does not interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine supporting the Russian language on its territory.

“As for Ukraine’s PM Victor Yanukovich and his position, I must say that the program of his party pays much attention to the Russian language. Other Ukrainian politicians also talk about this problem. Yanukovich’s actions answer the care about your citizens, for whom Russian is the native language. And it cannot be called a footsie with Russia,” Chernomyrdin noted.

“Our state budget includes articles which provide for support of the Russian language in those countries, where our people live, be it America, Germany, Italy or Ukraine. However, it does not mean that we interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine and impose our will in giving the Russian language any status. Your very state must decide on this issue. However, it is necessary to defend Russian speaking people,” the Ambassador declared.


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