According to Larysa Skoryk, chief architect of a project to build a rehabilitation centre in Kyiv City, the about 35,000 sq. m. facility will be built through support from the Charitable Centre for Afghan War veterans' social, medical, labour rehabilitation, Cabinet’s press office reported.

A 0.7 ha land plot was allotted for the centre many years ago but only now an eligible investor has volunteered to undertake the project's implementation, Skoryk noted. According to her, the facility will incorporate a 50-bed hotel, a canteen, a 200-seat conference hall, a swimming pool, several gyms, offices.

The Afghan War, which the USSR waged in 1979 - 1989, involved about 150,000 Ukrainian citizens, of whom 3,500 were killed in action, 70 are listed as MIAs, over 8,000 were wounded and 4,687 came home crippled.


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