Tariffs for cargo transhipment in marine merchant ports of Ukraine might rise. This initiative was supported by Minister for Transport and Communication Mykola Rudkovsky, Cabinet’s press office reported.

The tariff for handling one ton of metal in Ukrainian ports in 1995 amounted in average to 11.2 USD and in 2006 it decreased to 6 USD. Still, railroads since 2000 have changed tariffs six times.

The need to raise tariffs was aired in early 2006, to which end several deliberations were held between port operators and the Ministry officials, at which the port operators cited weighty arguments in favour of 30 percent-raise of tariffs for port services.

Still, raising tariffs and state investments cannot solve all the problems of Ukrainian ports, as they need a structural reform. Over 2006's six months cargo transhipment increased by 0.6 percent up to 53.977 mln tons, however transhipment of non-ferrous metals decreased by more than 80 percent, automobiles and completing parts by 30 percent, oil by 12 percent and petroleum products by 25 percent.


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