Leader of progressive socialists Natalia Vitrenko decided to test for show business. Now she will agitate her voters not so much with words as with songs.

In an interview to “Comsomolska Pravda” she said: “If I cannot increase salaries and pensions, make medicine free, at least I will sing a song.”

Vitrenko agreed to take part in a new TV program “Songs with stars” and to sing a song with a singer Victor Pavlyk.

The rules of the program do not allow singing in Russian, but only in foreign language. Vitrenko refused to sing “Money-money” offered by Pavlyk, having said that this song must be sung with Pinzenyk (Finance Minister of Ukraine – ed.)

“I will sing ‘Felicita’,” declared Vitrenko and demanded the translation and transcription of the song.

“Friendly speaking, it is my first time of singing in Italian. I’ve never sung even in Russian. Besides, I do not speak Italian. Now I have to study. I was an excellent student, and I have no doubt I will be able to learn the words,” Vitrenko underlined.

Despite the fact that thirteen more pairs will take part in the competition, Vitrenko is sure in the victory.


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