Ukraine needs an action program for getting adapted to WTO rules, Economy Minister Volodymyr Makukha believes. According to the Minister, Ukraine has signed 48 bipartite protocols with the framework of preparations for joining the World Trade Organization. Besides, the nation has joined quite a few sectoral agreements, the number of which makes their full revision unrealistic.

In Minister's opinion, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine must pass seventeen to nineteen bills for Ukraine being admitted to the WTO, Cabinet’s press office reported.

Volodymyr Makukha supported the idea of holding WTO-related consultations with Russia, which does not necessarily imply the two countries' simultaneous accession to the WTO.

According to Makukha, Ukraine needs to complete talks with Kyrgyzstan and Taiwan for joining the WTO. Ukraine's talks with Kyrgyzstan have been hampered by the Central Asiatic nation's demand to Ukraine to lower its importation duty on Kyrgyz agricultural products.

In view of these predicaments, Volodymyr Makukha noted, Ukraine intends to petition the WTO for allowing the nation to join the WTO without signing the missing protocols, after the Ukrainian Parliament passes necessary bills toward adjusting Ukraine's legislation to WTO norms.


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