The mixed Ukrainian - Russian Intergovernmental Commission in charge of investigating into the Russian TU-154 plane's crash and aiding the victims' families officially completed their work, which was stated by the Commission's co-chairperson, Russian Transport Minister Igor Levitin.

Levitin thanked Donetsk City and region authorities for aiding S&R operations and for hospitality in accommodating the victims' relatives, Cabinet's press office reported.

As of 15:00 Saturday, 82 bodies out of those 170 who were on board the plane were identified.

Remains of 43 victims were transported to St Petersburg and Krasnodar on Friday.

On Saturday a second flight was to depart for St Petersburg at 19:00 to carry remains of 35 victims. Two bodies were to be transported to Kharkiv and Feodosia by the relatives.

On Saturday a Russian Duma and Moscow City Duma delegation arrived in Donetsk to visit the site of the August 22 crash.

According to preliminary data, the TU-154 airliner's crash was caused by the strong turbulence zone, which the plane entered.


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