The President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko took part in a solemn academy on occasion of 150-th Ivan Franc, which took place in the Lviv National opera on August 27.

The President said, Franko’s values remained “all-national and actual” to this day. "His life is permanent dialog with nation, not simple, heavy, critical, but lovely," Yushchenko said, President's press office reported.

The Head of State emphasized, during his life and creation process Ivan Franko avoided a fervor, and called Ukrainians to take an example from him. "A long ago it is needed to learn to talk about Ukraine in the practical key, without regret, without weeping, without jealousies and finishing telling, who's greater Ukrainian," said Yushchenko.

In this context country's Leader said the national understanding and consent was the mortgage of the Ukrainian prospect. “A power needs to study to respect nation, native word and people, work openly, to see a free journalist, independent judge. To Ukrainians - to hear and see each other and not to refuse from even little his own part which is behind general standards. Such parts complete society,” the President said.

Yushchenko quoted Ivan Franko, which wrote “our tyrants are in us," cautioning Ukrainians from feeling of defeat and disappointment. “I do not want, that this state got on soil of present days,” the President said.

Victor Yushchenko said, a real threat for Ukraine lies in a humanitarian sphere and exactly against this danger Ukrainian nation must be consolidated.

The President also said, inviolable goals for Ukrainian state system are democracy, national identity, economic development and course to Europe. “Here are dogmas for Ukraine to stand on,"  Yuschenko said.


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