President’s advisor Markiyan Lubkivsky reported that World Forum of Ukrainians starts its work tomorrow.

“This forum will start new stage of consolidation of the Ukrainian nation and will promote establishment of close relations of Ukrainians with their historical homeland,” he said.

Lubkivsky noted that the peculiarity of this forum is to attract attention to Ukrainians living in the Russian Federation, who are a part of Ukrainian ethnos and one of the biggest diaspora in the world.

“Forum participants will discuss labor migration of Ukrainians to European countries, fight against human trafficking, cooperation between state and public organizations,” the advisor said.

According to him, relevant task and certain challenge to the Ukrainian power is the so-called “forth wave” of migration – labor migration.

“The situation is very critical, and Ukrainians, who left the country to earn money, need more attention from the state, the President and the government,” he stated.


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