The European leading sugar producer "Pfeifer and Langen" has, recently, entered the Ukrainian market. The company together with the Ukrainian "Tvest" company has established the "West Sugar Group", engaged in distribution of the Pfeifer and Langen produce.

The "West Sugar Group" set up was adjusted with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, Cabinet’s press office reported.

49% of "West Sugar Group" stocks belong to natural persons, residing in Ukraine, the rest 51% are controlled by the "Pfeifer and Langen Polska S.A". The company intends to expand its presence in Ukraine, especially in the Volyn region.

In view of the annual sugar deficiency, no problems with sale will occur, executive director of the "UkrRos" Serhiy Krutybych said. Experts claim the "Pfeifer and Langen" will seek domination on the Ukrainian market.


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