Official of the institute of world economy and international relations of national academy of science of Ukraine Vsevolod Stepanyuk commented on Yanukovich’s statement concerning exploitation of gas fields.

“The idea to exploit gas fields in Central Asian republics is very good. The practice shows that if Yanukovich says we are going to exploit deposits in Asia, it means that we will really exploit them,” Stepanyuk said.

As for deposits in Siberia, he said, there will be some troubles. “According to the Russian legislation, Gazprom has monopoly on Russian gas market. That’s why, mining gas in Siberia, we won’t be able to sell it,” Stepanyuk underlined.

Speaking about possibility to use gas issues as a method of pressure on Ukraine, Stepanyuk express his opinion that “gas would be used as pressure instrument, since the gas issue is always political, but not economic one.”


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