Deputies of Israeli ruling party “Kadima” criticized the decision of Ukraine’s President Yushchenko to allocate humanitarian aid to Lebanon. According to some deputies, Kyiv could have cared for Israeli victims as well, “Deutsch welle” reported.

The decision on allocation of humanitarian aid to Lebanon was approved by the President and the Ukraine’s government on August 3.  

“If the President expressed his wish to render humanitarian assistance to Lebanon, I would like this aid to be balanced. Our children also suffer. We do not demand humanitarian aid, but having remembered out help with Chornobyl, Ukraine could have invited our children,” Mikhail Nudelman, head of the parliamentary committee on relations between Israel and Ukraine, expressed his ideas.

According to him, it would be logically to invite a group of children from Israel to have some rest in Ukraine’s “Artek” during summer holidays. Such act will strengthen mutual confidence and bilateral relations between the countries, Nudelman said.


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