In an interview with Ukraine’s leading television channels, Victor Yushchenko has pledged to protect the rights of Ukraine’s opposition, president's press office reported.

“As President of Ukraine, I feel obliged to pass laws that give certain rights and instruments to the opposition,” he said.

“I was in the opposition,” he remembered his political past, “…and I knew no television for a few years. It was impossible for us – ...the most numerous faction in the Verkhovna Rada – to speak about the rights of the opposition.” Thus Yushchenko urged MPs to “put these rights in the Verkhovna Rada procedure rules and a law on opposition, and everything will be fine after this!”

He said political leaders that signed the national unity pact today promised to help the opposition work effectively and comfortably.

The President frankly admitted: “Believe me, I see nothing ominous or unpleasant in the opposition.” He, however, urged them to be constructive. 

“I think this is a two-way street,” he said, expressing hope the opposition would not oppose the country. 


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