Oleh Chernetskyi, deputy of Kyiv region council, member of the Our Ukraine party told the details of the incident in Sheremetyevo where Ukrainian citizens had been arrested on suspicion in terrorism, OU press office reported.

“A group of Ukrainian tourists took off from Moscow to Petropavlosvsk-Kamchatskyi yesterday. The flight lasted around four hours but there were problems with the engine and the airplane came back to the airport,” he said.

“We had been waiting for the next flight for four hours. The new airplane came but two out of eight Ukrainians have been detained without any reason and were not allowed to come to the board. All other members of the group refused to go. After that people wearing a uniform of airport service appeared on the board. A man in civilian clothes declared that there was a bomb in the luggage of Ukrainians. The man did not show his document,”. Chernetskyi said.

“After that our group was removed from the airplane. We called our consul. He did not react immediately. Therefore we passed the whole night at the police station. We have been kept there without being presented any accusation and have not been interrogated,” he informed.

Chernetskyi said a member of Ukrainian group and Ukrainian consul was at the police station at the moment.

“Representatives of Russian law enforcing bodies say there was some misunderstanding and apologize before us,” he said.

According to him, this incident has no political nature. It is a consequence of too high ambitions and inferiority complex of a worker of Russian law enforcing bodies.


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