The deputy head of Kyiv region party organization of “Our Ukraine” V. Fedosyeyev has confirmed the information that Oleh Chernetskyi, member of Kyiv region council, MP of the Our Ukraine faction was among eight tourists that were detained in Moscow airport “Sheremetyevo-1”, press office of the OU informed.

“The MP was going to Petroplavsk-Kamchatskyi to have a rest as he is fond of extreme sport, including rafting. I know Oleh Chernetskyi personally as a perfect family man who has two children. What’s the point to talk about a bomb?” the deputy said

“We don’t rule out the possibility that it is a provocation. If it really is, unfortunately, there is noting positive for Ukrainian-Russian relations. I imagine what uproar Russian media will make on this occasion,” Fedesyeyev stated

“I am sure it is a mistake made by respective Russian services. The incident is to be closed soon,” Fedosyeyev added.


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