Ministry for foreign Affairs of Ukraine is checking information and investigating circumstances of the arrest of Ukrainian tourists in Moscow airport Sheremetyevo-1, press office pf the ministry reported.

Presently, a representative of Ukrainian embassy is in the airport. He is investigating the situation on the spot and is ready to render any necessary aid.

As RIA Novosti reported, eight Ukrainians are being held at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport in connection with a hoax bomb threat, an airport official said Thursday.

The detainees, including a regional deputy from the pro-presidential Our Ukraine party and several businessmen, were on board a plane that departed from Moscow to the Pacific city of Petropavlovsk-on-Kamchatka Wednesday night but returned to the Russian capital after three hours in the air due a technical problem.

An airport official said the group was given the opportunity to board another flight but six of the Ukrainians attempted to delay it because two of their colleagues, who were apparently drunk, were not allowed to board the plane. When airport officials refused to let the drunken Ukrainians on board, one of the Ukrainian passengers from the group announced that there was a bomb in his luggage.

"Police officers and airport officials checked the aircraft but did not find any suspicious devices either on board or in the luggage," the official said. "After that the police detained the Ukrainian citizens."

One of the group, Sergei Klimenko, said they were being held at the police precinct at Sheremetyevo-1 airport, which is mainly used for domestic flights and is smaller than the international terminal 2.

"We have not been pressed any charges and the police have said we are not under arrest but have refused to return our passports as our documents are being checked," Klimenko said.

He also said the police had earlier claimed they suspected the detainees had a bomb in their luggage and they planned a terrorist act.

"But our luggage remains wrapped in cellophane and has not even been opened," the Ukrainian said.

According to the latest police report, the Ukrainian passenger who claimed he had a bomb in his luggage has been officially charged with making a hoax terrorist threat.


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