“Systematic declarations of the Regions’ leadership about some mythical negotiations between their political force and the Our Ukraine bloc are nothing else but some invention,” the head of the Analytical department of the Our Ukraine bloc Anatoly Lutsenko stated.

“But Regions insistently continue to tell about peripetias of the talks. Members of Party of Regions misinform Ukrainians every day playing in the spectacle they have invented by themselves,” Lutsenko said, press office of the bloc reported.

“What for do they do it? Even a superficial analysis makes us conclude that systematic declarations about “negotiations” with the Our Ukraine are a consequence of some struggle inside the party. Though, the Party of Regions seems to be monolithic. The MPs talking about “negotiations” with the Our Ukraine and approval of Yanukovych’s candidacy without the presidential presentation in fact burn down the illusory prospects of Yanukovych to become the PM,” he emphasized.

“The Our Ukraine is not going to enter the anti-crisis coalition. Yanukovych is not the very person that may consolidate the society and bid for the position of the prime minister,” Lutsenko summed up.


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