President is up to conduct a dialogue with the Verkhovna Rada expecting changes for constructive actions, according to Mykola Poludionny, President’s Legal Advisor, President's press office reported.

“Presently the President is considering PM nomination put forward by the coalition of parliamentary factions and he is entitled to time to consider a prime ministerial candidate until August 2,” Poludionny stated. 

He says that in accordance with Article 83 and Article 106 of the Law of Ukraine, Ukraine’s President has the right to consider the PM nomination, submitted by the coalition of parliamentary factions, to reject or to approve it.

Poludionny emphasized that any other ways of forming the government was illegitimate, against the Constitution and could be considered as criminal activity.

It was also mentioned that July 25 was the 61st day since the Yekhanurov’s government had been dismissed. It means that now the President has the right under the Constitution, Article 90, to dissolve parliament ahead of time. However Mr. Poludionny stressed that it was not decided on using that right since Head of State was determined to conduct a constructive dialogue with the Verkhovna Rada.

“President of Ukraine is a real political figure with great authority. And constitutionally (Article 102 of the Law of Ukraine) he is the Guarantor of the Constitution, rights and freedoms of people. It means that for lack of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine President is the only authority to define constitutional norms concerning his power. None else can do this, including the Verkhovna Rada,” Mykola Poludionny stated.


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