In a Saturday radio address, Victor Yushchenko said he would announce his decision on appointing prime minister within the timeframe required by law, President's press office reported.

“I am going to announce my decision within the timeframe required by the Constitution,” he said, adding he had fifteen days to submit prime minister to parliament for a vote. The President promised to act constitutionally when making his decision. 

He characterized the current political situation as “dramatic.” 

The first reason is the imperfection of the December 8/2004 constitutional changes, he explained. Yushchenko opined that wider powers of the Verkhovna Rada and deputies had not been balanced with relevant mechanisms of responsibility.  

The second cause of the parliamentary crisis is the lack of trust among the political leaders and their inability to compromise, he added.   

“As the President of Ukraine, I believe it is my obligation to help the Verkhovna Rada resume work,” he said, assuring the nation he was determined to cooperate with MPs for the sake of stability and development of the country. “Together we must spare no effort to strengthen positive economic changes,” he said.


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