Deputies from OU and BYuT factions will be delegated for the work in the parliamentary committees by a decision of the Verkhovna Rada even if they do not send personal applications, as the newly appointed first vice-speaker Adam Martynyuk told journalists.

He expressed a hope that the VR would pass a resolution on distribution of the parliamentary committees during the evening session. According to him, the committees will be distributed proportionally, i.e. in accordance with the number of deputies in the factions.

The first vice speaker states that more than ten committees will be given to the opposition.

At the same time he underlines that if the opposition includes only BYuT faction, the number of committees will be reduced in accordance with the number of BYuT members.

Martynyuk also says that if a deputy does not agree with such assignment and wants to work in another committee, he or she will have to submit an application for consideration – if the VR supports the application by 226 votes, a deputy will be able to hold wanted position.


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