On Wednesday, Victor Yushchenko told journalists he was quite pleased with today’s negotiations between Our Ukraine, the pro-presidential bloc, and the Regions Party, the president press office informed.

“I am pleased withtheatmosphere of these negotiations. I think the two sides have managed to bridge many differences,” he said.

The Head of State said the talks were aimed at finding compromises in parliament.

He characterized their discussion as “very frank” but admitted he did not “see the negotiators seriously change their position.” However, he believes the meeting resulted in their awareness of the necessity to resume normal work of the Verkhovna Rada.

Yushchenko said the sides should find ways to arrange relations between government and opposition despite the crisis.

“The parliamentary forces are fully responsible for the current situation in parliament. A country having no functioning parliament contradicts Europe’s norms of parliamentary culture.”

The President reiterated his belief that the Verkhovna Rada should function legitimately.

Then he said he had requested the leaders to stopbribing deputies. He believes bribery “humiliates not only Ukraine’s parliament but the whole society.”

“I seriously addressed all the parties in parliament on this issue,” he said, adding it was incumbent on them to “block such activities.” “These are the mandates that will be later criminally used to formulate undemocratic rules in parliament and build relations between the majority and the opposition.”

The Head of State also said the negotiators had discussed issues that divide the country. He explained thatrecent sessions of parliament had been “replete with statements that are inconsistent with the concept of unity.” The two sides attending the talks promised not to broach these subjects again.

Yushchenko also said they had not discussed any changes in Ukraine’s foreign and domestic policies. “All Ukrainian parties seem to support the European integration issue," he said.

When speaking about the formation of a broad coalition, the President stated that hethought “building such an alliance in this format is not optimistic.”

“As a politician, I am convinced a project involving political forces representing people in the east and in the west of Ukraine, which can unite these forces one day - and I am not speaking about some particular partiesbut generally -will be one of the great political projects soon. I think the nation should strive forsuch a projectand appreciateit,” he opined.


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