In a Tuesday statement on the parliamentary crisis, Victor Yushchenko urged parliamentarians to resume legitimate and civilized work, President's press office reported.

“I believe any process in the Verkhovna Rada should be consistent with its procedure rules and the Constitution of Ukraine. Any violation will cause the polarization of political forces in parliament,” he opined.

The Head of State stated that last week’s election of speaker was inconsistent with the ‘orange’ coalition agreement.

“I am not saying it is impossible but it definitely complicates other processes that will occur within the framework of both the previous coalition and future coalition. Thus we must immediately start observing the procedure rules and the Constitution,” he said.

The President characterized today’s voting to distribute top parliamentary posts as a “huge political mistake.” He believes it reduces the maneuverability of negotiators and is fraught with  formal divisions in parliament.

“This is a terrible political choice which will lead to continuous confrontation,” he said.

Mr. Yushchenko called on deputies to learn to respect their opponents and their voters. He added he did not want to dissolve parliament and re-conduct elections.

“I am ready to take such a step [formally dismiss parliament] as the only means to resolve the problem if it is not settled soon, but let us honestly admit that the problem will be postponed but not settled,” he said.


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