In an Inter Channel interview, Victor Yushchenko said Ukraine’s new parliamentary coalition should not revise national policies, President's press office reported.

“If we are not speaking about a democratic coalition, then let us be conscious of the possibility that a new coalition can seriously revise Ukrainian policies,” he said, adding it was “imperative to create a democratic coalition in parliament.”

He said democratic gains of the past two years “are under great threat.” “It is vital now to form a democratic coalition […],” he opined.

The President reiterated Ukraine “needs parliament with political parties that can tolerantly coexist and compromise for the sake of the nation.”

“We do not see it now. We see political self-extermination. I think this is a huge mistake of each side supported by millions of people, and so those who respect the mandate given by their voters should act in a different way. This is not a moralistic rebuke but a piece of advice,” he said.


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