The first deputy chairman of the political executive committee of Party of Regions Vasyl Dzharty told journalists that today the party would hold a meeting of the political council to consider a nominee for the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Most likely, the candidature of Victor Yanukovich will be nominated for this post, Dzharty declared.

In his turn, in an interview to journalists the VR speaker and SPU leader Oleksandr Moroz said that the political council of SPU would consider Friday the possibility of formation of the coalition with Party of Regions.

As a result of today’s conciliatory council BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko has declared that in the near future BYuT will conduct a party convention to consider whether BYuT will be in opposition to the power in case the President does not dismiss the parliament.

The political council of the Our Ukraine bloc will consider Friday further actions of the bloc, as OU deputy Anatoly Matvienko told journalists.

Press secretary of the bloc Tetyana Mokrydi informed that the faction had a meeting during which it discussed the situation in the parliament. According to her, the faction decided to hold a meeting of top governing bodies of the bloc to consider further political choice of Our Ukraine.

Communistic Party of Ukraine has not decided yet whether it will join the coalition with participation of Party of Regions, as CPU member Adam Martynyuk told journalists. He added that the faction needs time to conduct consultations with the political council of the party.


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