If to ask any pupil about the name of the President of Ukraine, he will immediately answer: Victor Yushchenko.

Surely, everybody knows the name of the President, but not everybody knows how Yushchenko is named behind his back.

In lobby interviews politicians name him simply “Yushch” or “Bee-master” (due to his special love to bees). His enemies do not feel shy calling him “Shrek” (due to the President’s face, spoiled by dioxin).

Tymoshenko enjoys more love. The colleagues call her “Yulia”, and the most toadies – “Mama”. But after Tymoshenko’s repeated appearance “in white”, she was given another name – “Snow Maiden”. People name her “Timokha”.

Tymoshenko’s aid Oleksandr Turchinov paid for his SBU past and was named “Iron Felix”. He is also called “Shurik” or “Pastor” (due to his Baptist creed).

Other Tymoshenko’s aid Andriy Shkil has three nicknames, all different. The first one is “Trotsky” (due to his haircut and goatee), the second nickname is “Curly-headed” (due to his curly hair), and the third one is “Anchovy” (due to his lean and elongated figure).

Anatoly Kinakh was named “The head of Professor Douel” because of his stolidity and pathologic absence of emotions. People call him “robot”.

What nicknames has Poroshenko not received – Porokh (gunpowder), “Poroshok (washing powder), “Roshen”, “Petr Poshenovich”, “Chocolate hare”, “Chocolate king” (due to the well know Poroshenko’s confectionery “Roshen”).

Socialist Yosif Vinsky (namesake of “the people’s chief”) was given Stalin’s nickname – “Koba”.

And the nickname of communist Adam Martynyuk sounds almost sadistically – Saddam Ivanovich.

Source: "tabloid.com.ua"


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