Following a Tuesday roundtable involving Ukraine’s top politicians, Victor Yushchenko urged all parliamentarians to continue their political dialogue which “will put an end to the period of unprecedented uncertainty and inactivity of Ukraine’s only legislative body.”

“Lasting paralysis of the Verkhovna Rada evokes misunderstanding and disappointment in society.

The country has conducted fair and democratic elections. We have first elaborated a coalition agreement supported by most of the factions.

However, the Verkhovna Rada is in crisis instead of functioning. Political immaturity caused a blockade of the parliament and resulted in purposeful impediment of important state processes and reforms, posing new threats to democracy.

This situation is unacceptable.

The newly elected deputies must start working. The choice of the people must be and will be considered. The coalition will form a government, giving the opposition effective tools to control it. The both sides are certain to have a democratic dialogue.

The language of ultimatums – whichever side speaks it – is destructive and leads nowhere.

So I would like to emphasize what I believe is really important.

First, the negotiations must never stop.

Second, it is important not to mix parliamentary and governmental issues to resolve the parliamentary crisis. When forming institutions of the Verkhovna Rada, it is necessary to observe rules and principles of European parliamentarianism. We must ensure adequate representation and guarantee the rights of opposition throughout the country. On the other hand, we must steadfastly follow goals and principles of a coalition agreement when forming a government.

Third, as soon as the coalition nominates premier, I will submit him/her to parliament for a vote.

I hope wisdom and foresight will prevail when resolving the situation which requires immediate settlement.

It concerns us all.

The voters made the coalition created on June 22 responsible for everything that happens in the country. Your strength lies in your unity and commitment to democratic values and common ideals. Remember: political selfishness and inability to compromise have repeatedly led to catastrophic debacles in our history, making all Ukrainians, both winners and those temporarily defeated, lose.  

I deeply respect the choice made by eight million Ukrainians and so expect the Regions Party to act like a civilized European party. Your rights will be protected and implemented. Do not oppose Ukraine – support it. Ukraine is all we have,” he said, President's press office reported. 


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