The coalition and the opposition failed to reach a consensus on today’s conciliatory meeting of the Temporary presidium of the VR, as BYuT representative Oleksandr Turchinov told journalists after the meeting, ForUm's correspondent reported.

Turchinov expressed his indignation concerning the fact that representatives of Party of Regions laid down more and more demands despite the coalition’s concessions.

 “They proposed not to consider the committees issue till the election of VR chairman – we agreed; they proposed to pass immediately to the election of Speaker – we agreed; they demanded secret vote – we agreed. All their demands were fully satisfied, but Party of Regions refused to unblock the hall and lays more and more demands,” Turchinov explained.

In this situation the coalitionists make a conclusion that the reason of the blockade is not a demand to follow regulations norms, but to destabilize political and social-economic situation in Ukraine, Turchinov said.

According to the deputy, the coalition warned the opposition that it reserved the right to act in response. He did not specify the exact measures and whether coercion is possible, but noted that the decision would be made in the near future.


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