For the first time in the history of Ukrainian Mass Medias President of Ukraine appeared on the pages of a printed edition with his own rating of main achievements of the country and the power. In the international weekly “Profile Ukraine” of July 3, 2006 (#26) President Victor Yushchenko named ten main successes of his government.

Every article grounded by the President by concrete figures, facts, political and social conclusions.

“This publication is a significant demonstration of President’s openness to Mass Medias. Two years ago, on July 4, 2004, in his pre-election campaign Yushchenko declared such position, and today he demonstrate it in deed,” Maxim Pavlenko, chief editor of “Profit Press” opined.

Deputy chief editor of “Profile Ukraine” Konstantyn Doroshenko is convinced that President Yushchenko has demonstrated the unique for the newest history of Ukraine respect of the power to Mass Media, having recognized the press as “the fourth power”.


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