In the wake of SPU leader’s latest statement about preferable substitution of Poroshenko with another OU member for the speaker’s chair, Rostyslav Ishchenko, Vice-President of the Corporative Relations Investigations Centre comments on the situation.

“I suppose Moroz’s statement on Poroshenko has been caused by mutual distrust existing within the coalition. The very distrust has already led to intensification of the political crisis and caused the PR protest action in the VR.

It is quite obvious fact for every normal person that if the orange coalitionists had a little trust in each other, they would hardly ‘to make a fool of themselves’ and vote in accordance with the regulation instead. However, BYuT rightly scares that after Poroshenko’s appointment Yushchenko’s close mates will say good- bye to Yulia Volodymyrivna,” said Ishchenko.

In order to force OU to vote by names in the secret vote for PM-Speaker packet playing into Tymoshenko’s hand Moroz dropped a hint that he does not posses a total control over his party and in that state of things the socialists would probably flunk Poroshenko in the secret vote. He tries to gain a psychological leverage on the Our Ukraine Party and to awake anti-Poroshenko forces inside the Our Ukraine for open protest. If such happens Tymoshenko and Moroz will get the opportunity to dictate OU their own conditions of further collaboration threatening by the division of OU faction in the VR, Ishchenko resumes.


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