Party of  regions declares it will continue to block the parlliamentary tribune till their demands are fulfilled and the Constitution is observed. The text of the ultimatum is published on the official site of Party of Regions:

"The people are the only source of power in Ukraine. No one shall usurp state power" - these words from the Constitution of Ukraine are getting dramatic meaning today. We are witnessing an usurpation of the state power by the orange camp behind which stands only one half of the people of Ukraine.

The interests of the other part of Ukraine, the interests of our constituency, their pursuits, will, beliefs and their vision of the Ukrainian perspective are brutally ignored today.

From the representatives of the orange camp we hear that, it turns out, there is no opposition in Ukraine, as the law on opposition hasn't been passed yet. We still haven't forgotten the indignation with which these words were accepted by the orange camp when the previous president of Ukraine spoke them.

So we see, not much time has passed since then, and the present government operates the same terms and fights the opposition with the same methods, cynically and impertinently calling this democracy.

"We got another chance," say heralds of the orange camp, when answering the question why the authorities would not give to the opposition even the committee of the freedom of speech. Although this committee with eighteen more had belonged to the opposition even under the previous regime.

The independent state hasn't yet witnessed such cynical approaches, such rude violation of the rights of millions of Ukrainian citizens to participate in governing the state, such brutal violation of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Since the very first days of the existence of the new orange coalition it became clear that in the style of its management the quarrels, settling scores, mutual suspicions and distrust began to predominate, that the orange lack unbiased analysis of the current state of things in the country, that they do not possess a positive plan for the whole Ukraine.

The orange have not drawn a conclusion out of their previous mistakes, meaning that they are going to lead the state and the country along a wrong path. Definitely it would be advantageous for them not to have an opposition in the parliament. But there is an opposition – and not only in the parliament. Today the majority of the people of Ukraine are in the opposition to the orange irresponsibility and unprofessionalism. It is the opposition to the orange methods of government, to their populism, to their quarrels, to their ideology of dividing Ukraine. The ground of this social position consists of millions of our voters not only in the East and South, but within all Ukraine.

We did not seek to be in the opposition, but now the orange will see what the real opposition means. The first step to be taken by the Party of Regions as the parliamentary opposition will be our ultimatum with the demand to clearly follow the Constitution of Ukraine and the Rules of Procedure of the Verkhovna Rada during the election of the ruling bodies of the parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers and distribution of the parliamentary committees.

We demand:

1) election of the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada within the Rules of Procedure and the Constitution by a secret ballot excluding any package voting;

2) distribution of the parliamentary committees necessarily following the proportional principle of representation of all parliamentary factions; the direction of the main parliamentary committees, controlling bodies such as the Accounting Chamber, participation in directing the regions in which we have won – this is the unique opportunity for the opposition to control the actions of the state power, which again promotes the corruptionists for the highest state positions;

3) to submit a proposal for the prime-minister according to the Constitution of Ukraine;

4) adjuration of the Constitutional court judges according to the law "On the Constitutional court of Ukraine";

5) to stop immediately the illegal combination of the seats by the officials with the responsibilities of MPs.

Only upon realization of this ultimatum we see the possibility to continue the work of the present parliament of Ukraine. Otherwise the parliament shall not function and not any single action shall take place in the parliament. And we shall not allow the illegally elected presidium to hold a single session.

The failure to execute our ultimatum shall also signify that we use our right to address the people who will definitely support us in the fight for the Rule of Law and adherence to the Constitution of Ukraine.

Спасибо за Вашу активность, Ваш вопрос будет рассмотрен модераторами в ближайшее время