Our Ukraine Party has no reasons for revising Poroshenko’s candidacy for the Speaker’s chair. It was revealed by Mykola Katerynchuk.

The recently signed coalition agreement regulates the proportion of the portfolios’ distribution, Katerynchuk stressed. OU set the candidate for the Speaker’s chair and reckons there is no reason to change it.

He added that the coalitionists should have voiced their disagreements regarding the candidacies and the agreement’s items before.

Commenting on Moroz proposition to change the candidature for the post of the VR chairman, BYuT representative Oleksandr Turchinov told journalists that there are no grounds to dictate terms to Our Ukraine.

“Leaders of three political forces have signed the agreement in which the Speaker’s post passes to Our Ukraine. According to the coalition agreement we have no right to limit the OU position,” noted Turchinov.


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