An hour before the start of today’s plenary session representatives of PR faction blocked parliamentary tribune and presidium of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The deputies surrounded the tribune, the presidium and the entrance into the session hall through which President of Ukraine usually passes to the VR.

The PR faction deputies also placed chairs to block the entrance into the guest boxes where Constitutional Court judges usually sit during the procedure of their appointment and adjuration.

As a reminder, yesterday after the VR conciliatory council OU representative Mykola Katerynchuk told journalists the OU faction proposed to swear in Constitutional Court judges during Tuesday session.

Opposition factions expressed flat disagreement.

According to the chairman of temporal presidium of the VR Ivan Bokyi, SPU representative, the ceremony of adjuration provides for obligatory presence of President, Prime Minister and VR Speaker. Additionally, there should be a decision of legal committee. Bokyi reminded that there are no committee, Speaker and PM.


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