The visit of Gazprom officials to Ukraine has been postponed due to latest declarations of Ukraine’s politicians, as acting Naftogaz president Oleksandr Bolkisev declared.

He asked politicians to discuss Ukraine’s relations with Russians very prudently. “If we want to do something, first we need to discuss it with Gazprom, and only then say it publicly. This is my position. Otherwise Ukraine will get into awkward situation,” Bolkisev commented on Tymoshenko’s intentions to revise the agreement between Gazprom and RosUkrEnergo of January 4.

“During next few days we plan to discuss the idea of formation of a consortium with our Russian colleagues. Gazprom senior officials Ryazanov and Medvedev planed to visit Kyiv, but because of the latest political declarations it has been postponed. We still hope to discuss the idea of the consortium,” said Bolkisev.


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