Lesia Gongadze, the mother of the murdered journalist Georgy Gongadze, refuses to bury the so-called 'Tarashcha body,' which the Prosecutor General Office recognizes as the body of the journalist. Lesia Gongadze made a statement to that score in an interview with the Gazeta po-Kievski newspaper. "I don't want to burry remains of a stranger. I am absolutely sure that the bones preserved in the mortuary do not belong to my Georgy," she said, Ukrainian news agency reported.

She said the foot of the Tarashcha body was different from the foot of her son.

"As long as in 2000, when I came to the identification of the body found in the Tarascha wood, I drew attention to the foot. Can one understand that I am the mother and I know my son from the head to the feet. One month ahead of his disappearance I myself was massaging his foot - he had a very special foot and the one found is very much different," she said.

Lesia Gongadze said the PGO wanted to get rid of the Tarascha body.

"Possibly, the PGO officials think that by giving me the remains of the body they will lift the responsibility from themselves for the protraction of the case they are to blame. I will say it again - I am not going to organize the funeral ceremony of a stranger's remains. But, if I were sure this is my Gia, I would bury him in Lviv," she said.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the PGO has given its consent to give the "Tarashcha body" to Lesia Gongadze.

Valentyna Telychenko, the lawyer to Gongadze's widow Myroslava, said the PGO gave its consent following a relevant inquiry from ombudswoman Nina Karpachiova to whom Lesia Gongadze applied in person.

Gongadze disappeared in September 2000. His headless body was found in the woods outside Kyiv two months later.


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