On June 25, in a Youth Day radio address, Victor Yushchenko said he appreciated the contribution of Ukraine’s youth in the democratization of the country and was convinced that the government should be “rejuvenated.”

“Our government pins hopes on your faith in Ukraine, your education, patriotism, and modern outlooks when employing young professionals,” he said, President's press office reported.  

The President said the country “needs energy, enthusiasm and determination of the young to introduce reforms, achieve regional leadership and join the European Union.”  

Yushchenko added that he was happy to see more and more young professionals work in the government.

“When forming my team, I invited young professionals and I think I did not make a mistake when I offered a few thirty-year-olds to work in the government. The youngest ministers proved to be the most successful,” he said.

The Head of State then said it was important to promote youth movements. (Ukraine now has 125 national and 4,000 local youth associations.)

“If your work yields results, I am convinced you will be supported by local businessmen and charitable foundations,” he said.

The President reiterated that Ukraine had joined the Bologna process last year enabling its young people to compete on the European job market. He also said, this year, 40,000 school pupils had passed independent tests, which are held to prevent corruption.

He then promised to create favorable conditions for the young starting adult life.


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