“I don’t see any other variant except for a long-term coalition aimed at settlement of questions of priority for the state. We have fulfilled a very important part, we have signed a coalition agreement. Our priority now is to form a capable efficient and responsible state power,” people’s deputy Anatoly Kinakh said today, OU press office reported.

Kinakh thinks that professionalism and moral values are priorities in personnel policy and all the problems are to be solved “on the base of a constructive and highly professional interaction “President – parliamentary coalition – coalition government”.

“It goes without saying that we must increase a level of mutual trust, we should prevent from turning power structures into a primitive distribution of ministries under impact of personal ambitions,” he opined.

“If we go through it, our coalition will work for a long time. That’s what I work for”, the leader of the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine summed up.


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