Speaking in parliament, PR member Oleksandr Yefremov declared that Party of regions hopes that today’s decision about coalition formation is final and will not be changed in the near future, ForUm’s correspondent reported.

“I hope all deputies who decided to enter the coalition understand the responsibility of this act. We still do not believe in capability of this coalition, as those political forces, which signed the document, ran for parliament with absolutely different slogans from those they declare now. It is difficult to understand how they are going to explain the reason of such abrupt change of the viewpoint to their voters,” Yefremov said.

The deputy considers that the parliamentarians who put their signatures under the document must understand that if the collected signatures are forged, “the President could, at any moment, question the legitimacy of the whole deputy corps and VR as per a particular statute in the Consitution.”

Yefremov noted that there is one more day for authentication.


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