“It is impossible to live in the country the Constitution of which is wrong. The changes into the Constitution are downright ridiculous, the administrative state having such Constitution will be badly weak,” said Ihor Yukhnovsky, OU Political Council member.

“I think that the most important issue is an urgent formation of the Constitution Court which will prove the unconstitutional nature of the latest changes introduced into the Constitution. Then the previous version of the Constitution will take effect again. According to that version, the President is commissioned to appoint the Cabinet of Ukraine,” revealed Yukhnovsky.

“The President will form the Cabinet form the representatives of three political forces: BYuT, PR and OU. It will be quite normal Cabinet. Meanwhile, the President is due to work out new version of the Constitution and submit it fot the VR consideration,” stressed Yukhnovsky.

“There is no other way out. Undoubtedly, the Cabinet and the parliament must be formed by the majority consisted of these three parties. It will be possible if the previous version of the Constitution will have launched functioning,” concluded the OU member.

“To elect the Speaker is the most pressing question. It must be only OU member. This person along with the President will swear in the Constitutional Judges and then they, in turns, are to pass a resolution on the changes introduced into the Constitution,” said Yukhnovsky.


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