“The Our Ukraine bloc fulfills the decision of the political council and is holding consultations with all political forces which have won seats in the parliament.  It is a matter of principle to form a long-term and efficient coalition that will determine a strategy of state development and bear responsibility for it”, OU representative Anatoly Kinakh said.

“There are issues on which we can’t agree, first and foremost within “the three,” he told journalists. “In particular, it is a question of the Interior Minister’s post. Our position is that the Interior Ministry is a security agency which does not meet European standards. It shouldn’t belong to the quote of political forces that form a coalition. This ministry must be in a sphere of the President’s competence who will submit a proposal of the candidate after his consultations with the parliament,” he specified.

“The second point is the strategy of Euro-Atlantic integration. No doubts, we support the president’s position that the question of the NATO membership is to be decided at a national referendum. Unfortunately, we do not have a common decision with the Socialists in this issue,” Kinakh noted.

“Our Ukraine will continue to stand for these positions. We expect our partners to understand us. We hope that we will come to a decision that will allow us to form a coalition. Close consultations are going on,” he summed up.


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