Victor Yushchenko has met with Prime Minister Yuri Yekhanurov to discuss economic and political issues.

Yekhanurov, who also leads the pro-presidential Our Ukraine bloc, informed the Head of State of coalition talks. Yushchenko said the parties taking part in the negotiations should bridge all the differences to sign a coalition agreement and only then he would meet with them, President’s press office reported.

“Yushchenko noted that, first, participants of the future coalition should be on the last lap, fully agree positions of the political agreement, compose protocol of divergences and only then conduct final meeting with the President, “says the press office’s statement.

The President and the premier also agreed that it was vital for the country to pass laws that could balance and strengthen the system of government to mitigate the imperfect constitutional changes. In Yushchenko’s belief, the deputies should also approve bills clearly distinguishing between political posts and posts of state officials.  


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