Police officers detained two Lviv citizens in the Radivilov city, Rivne region. Two young Gypsies brought there almost 80 kg of crosses, vases and crucifixes taken from cemetery monuments and tried to sell them. Elder Anatoly is 16 years old, younger Ivan is under 15.  

Anatoly laid the blame on the younger brother: he said Ivan had asked him to bring some load, but he did not asked what it was. Ivan in his turn laid the blame on their pregnant mother: he said the day before childbirth she had taken him to the cemetery and pointed to tombstones to rob.

The boys told policemen that their family has seven children, two more died and the mother decided to give birth to another child. She was in need of money, and that’s why they committed a robbery.

Earlier this family lived in Transcarpathian region, but flood destroyed their house, and they moved to Lviv.

“We’ve never attended school, we cannot write and read, but work for people working their gardens,” stated the detained. But it seems that the boys are lying, “Criminal Ukraine” reports.

Head of Rivne police department Vitaly Chubaevsky reported that the offenders had desecrated graves on one of Lviv cemeteries and broken several tens of tombstones.

A criminal case has been instituted on the fact of desecration of tombs, but only over 16-year-old people can be called to account for such crime.


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