Socialists will support the candidature of Yuri Yekhanurov for the post of chairman of the Verkhovna Rada in case such proposition is submitted by the Our Ukraine bloc, as SPU member and participant of negotiation group Vasyl Tsushko reported.

Speaking about portfolio’s issue, Tsushko noted that socialists made decision and would follow the position declared by the President. “We state that positions must be distributed by principles and Constitution: the winner chooses first, the second force chooses the second post,” said Tsushko and specified that BYuT should choose first, then Our Ukraine and then socialists.    

In response to the specifying question whether it means that socialist will support OU candidature for the post of Speaker, Tsushko pointed out: “Any post they choose. May be they do not want Speaker’s chair. But if they propose we vote,” said he and reminded that OU proposed the candidature of Yuri Yekhanurov for the Speaker’s post.

Tsushko also underscored that participants of the orange coalition agreed more than a half of divergences. According to him, “there are no principal questions except for ambitions.”


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