PR Political Council member Eduard Prutnik reckons main parliamentary forces’ unification to be inevitable in the wake of crisis situation happened in Ukraine.

“None of the political forces claiming to the power of Ukraine can consolidate the society by idea of fast overcoming of the existing deep crisis on its own. Thereby, we apparently arrive at a conclusion that it is necessary to unite these forces,” stressed the VR deputy Prunik in the interview to Segodnya daily out on Monday.

He expresses confidence that such union may be formed. “The question is when and at what cost?” opined Prutnik.

Due to coming gas price increase, in autumn the people’s resentment with the government’s actions will significantly grow, Prutnik opines. It may cause exacerbation of some unsettled social problems.

Regarding existing grave division of the society, “the negotiators’ political ego demonstrations” make the situation even worse. According to Prutnik, “the strength of the national self-identification of the people historically influenced by the different cultures” may counteract such state of things.


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