Former Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn considers that formed coalition of any format will be artificial.

In response to the question when the process of formation of the coalition will be finished, Lytvyn said: “It will finish in front of a common grave five minutes before the execution.”

“I think that a day or two before dismissal of the Parliament by the President they will form a coalition reasoning from instinct of self-preservation,” explained he.

“Unfortunately, coalition formed between any political forces will be artificial and unnatural, and the text of the coalition agreement will become the next promise, fulfillment of which is impossible to examine,” said Lytvyn in an interview to “Kievskie vedomosti”.

Commenting on possible unity between Our Ukraine and Party of Regions, Lytvyn underlined that such coalition could give certain stability, but not for as long time.

“How will Regions explain this unity to its voters on the East? In a number of regions Victor Yanukovich was taken as a liberator from orange regime. On the other hand, what will Our Ukraine say on the West, where they promised to imprison all bandits? It was ‘regionals’ whom OU named bandits,” said Lytvyn.


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