Ukraine’s Family, Youth and Sport Ministry initiates the corresponding state payments for the families adopting children. Deputy Minister Tetyana Kondratyuk revealed at a seminar “The Problem and Approaches of Guardianship System of Infants in Ukraine” held in Kherson on June 14-16.

According to her, orphans’ welfare is the greatest priority of Ukrainian state policy.

Earlier, the Cabinet of Ukraine approved of the Concept of State Reformation Program of Orphanage Institutions. The project will be implemented within the next 10 years. “We must guarantee personal approach toward every child in order nobody will get hurt of it. The main target of the government is to provide every child with everything he needs for happy life and development, that means he needs to have a family,” said Kondratyuk.

She outlined other significant problem – a national adoption. The Ministry of family, Youth and Sport submitted corresponding proposals related to the improvement of the adoption system of Ukraine and its procedures. The adopted parents should be given three-month vacation and financial aid for adopted child, the proposal says.
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