At today’s mass media briefing, First Deputy Chief of Staff Ivan Vasyunyk said: “Although President Victor Yushchenko is worried over delays in coalition talks, he will not abuse power to accelerate this process.”

The Head of Stateis convinced that the newly elected members of the parliament face three major challenges: convening the country’s Constitutional Court, forming a coalition on time, and appointment of the VR speaker in order to launch legislative activity, te president press office reported.

Vasyunyk said the President was also upset unrestricted political competition among those taking part in the coalition negotiations had destabilized Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, the politicians failed to deny categorical approaches,” he said.

“The President will not accept blackmail and speculations from any political force. All attempts to re-shift responsibility on him will be vain,” he said, reminding those present that Victor Yushchenko had clearly voiced his intention to act in accordance with the law.

Then Vasyunyk reiterated that the President would not allow any party to encroach on posts from his quota.


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