Tetyana Mokridi has refuted Tymoshenko’s statement that Roman Bezsmertny had proposed her to join the wide coalition with PR participation. According to the OU press secretary, he only informed the participants about the course of the negotiations with this political force.

Mokridi accused Tymmoshenko of “a certain hastiness” and distortion of Bezsmertny’s words. Providing the colleagues with information about OU-PR consultations on democratic coalition formation, Bezsmertny did not mean to invite BYuT to take part in the wide coalition, Mokridi opined.

In the course of today’s meeting, According to today’s speech of Bezsmertny at three party negotiations, the results of three party negotiations and two party consultations confirm the fact that the programs of all four parties are in close agreement, and their controversy lies only in three items: the language, Ukraine’s accession to NATO and participation in the Common Economic Area. As far as he is concerned, such coincidence of programs suggests that theoretically it is possible to form a wide coalition, as it was in Germany.

In response to the journalists’ question why has Yulia Tymoshenko interpreted Bezsmertny in such distorted way, Mokridi answered: “It puzzles us, too. Why do hasty statements of Yulia Volodymirivna systematically ruin the coalition?”


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