The consultations between OU, SPU and BYuT will be continued tomorrow. The participants have scheduled to meet at 12 pm.

Yuri Yekhanurov said they agreed to keep on talking. He also recommended the journalist to ask SPU and BYuT about the results of today’s talks: “Ask them now, after all it is just politics,” he said.

Oleksandr Moroz, in turn, said that the wide range of issues submitted for consideration has been already approved. “In my opinion, we managed to move ahead a little, tomorrow we will go on working, but it is difficult to say that everything has been settled already because of OU keeps holding consultations with the Party of Regions. Who knows, maybe they will find better version of compromise,” concluded socialist Moroz.

Regarding his repudiation of the Speaker’s chair in exchange for proportional distribution of vertical power, Moroz said: “I voiced my position at the VR session, we do not relinquish it. […] If the President of Ukraine stands for principles, then we must follow the principles (to distribute posts within vertical structure of government – edit.)”

In response to the question whether OU accepts it, Moroz answers that it is OU which should be asked about it.


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